I moved over from Australia to London in mid 2008. I had bought my first SLR camera (Olympus e510) just before moving over so I could take better quality pictures when travelling around Europe than a compact would provide. What started out as a small hobby turned into a bit of an expensive and passionate venture into photography. I have since traded up camera after camera until what I have now; a Fujifilm X-E1 and a Canon 5D MKIII with an array of lenses and photography goodies. Upon receiving the Canon I started to take it with me every day to/from work to document the crazy lifestyle that is London travel. Soon a few pictures turned into many, and so I started to group them into a small portfolio what I call The Daily Grind.

The way I document the photos can vary. Sometimes I will have my camera in hand while walking down the street minding my own business until I stumble upon something interesting. Other times I might have an idea of what to capture, which lens to use (including the exact focal length, aperture and shutter speed), what time of day to capture it and the location, so I will write this down in my notepad and set out on small missions before or after work to get the photo I want. I use whatever photography tool I need to capture the moment, and that varies from compacts, advanced-compacts, SLR’s, and anything from a fisheye lens to a 400mm telephoto lens.

In my quest for photos I have been given 2 tickets on suspicion of terrorism and told off by a couple of security guards, other than that no one seems to bat an eyelid. So until my camera leaves my person I will continue to document the every-day monotonous travel to/from work.